Best definition Nefretiri <3name <3; nuff said


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Best definition nzube The only handsome one, everyone loves him and he gets all the bitches more then everyone in his school gets


Best definition nzomglol -noun 1: The feeling, sometimes accompanied by a sound, that one feels when eating particularly delicious food. 2: A strange internet creature


Best definition nznz The opposite of haha.


Best definition nzfm “no zazz for me” is a popular Australian impulse-buying website, dedicated to selling vast numbers of one product (often technology-related)


Best definition nzari A bitch ass nigga who got a small ass dick and he goes with girls who look like dudes and


Best definition nyzja A beautiful, smart, and talent girl. She has a great personality but a temper. She chill and very cool. A


Best definition nyzha Beautiful, independent and Unique. A very loyal and caring person. Loves to help those in need. Gives great advice…


Best definition nyzeth A musty ass roachthat thinks she is all that,she can talk shit about someone in message but in real life