Best definition lyzelle To be beautiful beyond all imagination


Best definition lyzel Lyzel is the goat at all things. He is determined to dominate, he could bring joy to your heart sometimes


Best definition lyza-jane Lyza-Jane is one of a kind. Smart, Beautiful, outgoing. She don’t take anything from anyone. Stands up for herself in


Best definition lyytsch Slang term for the town of Liestal in Switzerland. Used mostly in graffiti artwork and related circles. Pronounced


Best definition lyyfe Two lesbian girls that are really wierd and no one at their school likes. They do everything together, including going


Best definition lyxee A cute girl that is smart and loves to have fun and smile with her friends


Best definition lyvonne Lyvonne is a fierce,sassy girl dnt talk back or she will back ur ass into the corner,NEVER talk about her


Best definition lyvisian Lyvisian – (lee-viss-e-an) – To be in great profound love. The fundamental need and dependency on another’s being, on their


Best definition lyvier A pretty girl.No words to describe.Love sports everyone she’s loving . Also gorgeous. She finds only one true love.


Best definition lyvie lyvie is a beautiful girl that listens to you when ever