lzzy hale

Best definition lzzy hale The most badass and sexiest rock chick/frontwoman of all time. Plays Guitar in a kickass band called Halestorm. Check ’em


Best definition lzq9 a monkey-like animal with big eyes


Best definition lzp A sarcastic remark designed to irritate 14-year old Internet-surfers who adhere to the tongue of “1337”. It’s a word expressing


Best definition lzozlz When you are sleeping and laughing out loud at the same time (lol + zzz = lzozlz)


Best definition lzot Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time


Best definition lzl a word that can really replace any word. only aaron roles can use it k? 😀 it doesnt stand for


Best definition lz Landing Zone. Originally came into use during the Vietnam War to address the area where a helicopter would be

lz mike

Best definition lz mikefood lazy


Best definition lyzzy Is a smart, beautiful, independent girl. She is very loyal to her companion, friends, and family. She can also be


Best definition lyzerick Someone who is young but hates the current generation. Often dresses like a mix of both grandparents. Has very strict