Best definition u<i Mathematical formula proving that other people are less important than the controlling individual. You is less than myself.


Best definition Nefretiri <3name <3; nuff said


Best definition Morgan <3 He is an amazing guy, he seems full of him self but really he is very loving and caring. Sometimes


Best definition laufssssss <3333 Multiple loves or laughs. A loose combination of “lol” and “<3”, first appearing on the boxorroxors.net forums.


Best definition l33tsp34|< The language people are speaking when they t4|k l1k3 7h15. Spoken by the l33t. Produced by substituting numbers or charachters


Best definition l-la><0r one way in 1337 to spell haxor

l-l O M 3 W O R l

Best definition l-l O M 3 W O R l< It is homework in the 1337 language


Best definition Lo<3 It means love,meaning you love somebody or something.


Best definition Lexi <3 Lexi is a very loud, short tempered girl. but if you have her do not let her go. she has


Best definition Lauren<3 A very funny girl who can make anybody smile, happy or mad very smart drop dead gorgeous the one who