Best definition uzzma A diva who is always horny and is never satisfied with what she gets. She will even lie to her

uzzma yogore

Best definition uzzma yogore A girl who is dating a half Filipino and half Hispanic boy is called uzzma yogore. Uzzma yogore’s are very


Best definition uzzlesports a king of some kind of fashion – typically urban wear


Best definition uzzk The lazy Ferraro style of saying “usk” or just kidding


Best definition uzzell a name used to describe a ballin, hard ass or a crazy ass person that just dont give a fuck


Best definition uzzarius A bad ass bitch with a big ass and a whole lot of sass. This person will have hands so


Best definition uzzaman Is a person which normally looks like a nobody but inside is amazing at literally everything they do but they


Best definition uzyu if you look this up in the urban dictionary you’re a complete random and you’re broke


Best definition uzwa A girl which is beautiful and kind-hearted.she usually comes from danish girl.dont’ mess with her becouse she get angry easily


Best definition uzvara Condition when u are totaly drunk